It's almost Christmasss

I loveee Christmas! I love the smell, the looks, the feeling...everything :) My family just semi-finished decorating our house. It's so cozy I can't help but smile :) I still have a lot of Christmas shopping to do though, urgh. This is the time to be broke haha.

Soo I made Phillip something special. I'm not going post it here either because he might read it bwahaha I'm prepared. I'm definitely looking forward to buying makeup and doing a haul video for I never really done one yet. There are still some products I want to try out and do a review on..especially the ones everyone has been having questions about.

Oh yeah, so today my friend Stephanie came over and I got to test out my lighting on her as well as work on my makeup skills on a single eye lid. It was fun! We got some creative poses and shots. I'll probably post up the pictures somewhere this week or next week after editing.

I'm pretty sure everyone thinks this, but sometimes I don't know what to do with my life haha. Its like you can do anything you truly want to do or get, but then after that, it's just another process of doing and getting and repeat. Nothing can ever be enough or satisfying that sometimes it seems pointless? LOL. Anyways, still I just want to do what I want to before I can't. Time is just too fast and I need to catch up to it before it beats me.


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