Long weekday, short weekend!

This morning when I woke up, I found out I didn't work! I was so excited I was yelling out on my bed "Yay! I have no work! That means I can sleeeepppp!" My family thought I was insane haha but they still love me :) But really, I was also glad because I had the time to make my new video! To be honest, I actually recorded the Holiday Makeup tutorial twice! The first one I didn't really like the lighting and my family was around so it was a bit awkward. So I took the time again to do it today and it was much better than the one before:

My computer hasn't been fixed yet...my other program that I used to edit my videos with HD still wouldn't open. I downloaded the one program I had before but it isn't as good. For now though, it'll have to do..so bear with me everyone! :/ A tutorial is not really easy to do D:

I'm still Christmas shopping and trying to figure out what I should get for everyone xD I have some things bought already. I'm also thinking about taking advantage of the Christmas sales to do a Haul/Review video on some products. I should also do a holiday giveaway shouldn't I? ;)))) Either for Christmas or New years I could do one for you guys. It's been a while ;)
Well, hope you guys are having much better than I am for Christmas shopping!


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