Today was a pretty moody day haha. I'm not even on that day! But me and my boyfriend Phillip got into a debate and being a girl that I am I started to get emotional and cried haha only because he was my bf and I was expecting him to say things I wanted to hear LOL. Not that I just realized it now, but I was just reminded that he's a great boyfriend and friend. He's always so patient with me and never mean no harm. I'll be honest and say I'm quite demanding, but he's about to put up with me and understand my place and talk me through things to make me understand. No one has ever had that kind of love and patience with me. I'm extremely grateful. Everyone girl should find someone that will have that kind of love and patience for exactly who you are. That's just how guys are too. They'll only show that kind of love and patience for someone they truly love and care about. Chasing after a guy is definitely a wrong go and waste of time. When they say they're uninterested, they mean what they meant and chasing after them will only annoy them. Love also shouldn't be pity either :/ If a guy has to feel pity for you and if that's the only reason why they are with you, you aren't experiencing the love between two people that you deserve. Everyone deserves to be loved for who they are.

Don't forget who loves you is something I remind myself often. I don't want to take anyone for granted. People go back to those who don't love them over someone who does all the time. The chase is always the excitement for some, but usually it's the most painful and regretful. This year I'll definitely work on remembering those who cares and appreciating everyone of them. Life will go by so quickly and I don't want that chance of appreciating to go away.


But enough of was just something I thought about after talking to Phillip. He always makes me think stuff that boy haha <3 Well yesterday was great! I went to see Tron with my lovely family. It was a family day and I love those. Tron was freakin amazinggg! I loved it. I heard some people saying they don't really like the story line, I thought it was good the way it is. It had many reminders to consider and lessons being taught. The action was just as awesome though lol. I don't want to spoil anything soo....yeah :) After that we went to Chucky Cheese! I'm never tired of that place LOL. I played guitar hero, street fighter games, some shooting aliens game, random win lots of tickets game (won over 1000 tickets that night haha) and my favorite car racing! haha xD My brothers got some useless toy though as usual lol They never have good

Right after that I had work so we rushed home and they dropped me off. So yeah. It was fun :) Time goes by so quickly..

Then today all I did was clean the house. I was also thinking about the movie black swan and how it inspired me to do some makeup with it. So this was what I did (makeup wise) today:

I'm still doing my Element makeup project, but I'm going to redo the Fire look. I thought of some things I still wanted to add to the look and I want this first series of mines to be decent.


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