New years Makeup

Despite the busy holiday schedule, I squeezed in the New Year's Makeup Tutorial today so that everyone can get the idea and figure something out if they want to try it before the actual New Year's Eve. I've been getting messages about more neutral, 5 minute looks and drug store makeup tutorials and I promise I'll get to them. It'll be easier since the holiday is about over! But here is the New Year's look! I was pretty much inspired by the dark lights of New Year's Eve, hence the glitter I added :) I hope you all enjoy!

Here is just a quick photo of me and my little Christmas Tree hehe :)

This may sound silly but I've forgotten that birthday was on Christmas Eve too many times this month! It just doesn't feel like that day was coming. :) I hope everyone have a great Holiday with their family and friends! Smile for the last few days of 2010 and smile for the New Year too :D


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