Today my package came in! Guess what was in it :) These two cute dresses I ordered from this website: Shockingly, their stuff is super cheap!! The only downer is that their shipping rates is really high (ranging from $10-$30 depending on the weight of the product). But my package came in really fast considering that it was international. (5-6 dyas). The material is decent, could be better. If you have chipped nails, try not to rip it because the cloth can easily get stuck. Other than that, I'm enjoying that dress I'm wearing! I also got the black leggings from them for only $1.10! The dress was about $8! I bought another dress too around $7.50. Plus shipping my total was about $33. They have really good costumer service too. Usually they try to reply back to costumers as soon as possible if there are any concerns.

Well, enough of that :) A huge change! I got braces! So you all will be seeing me with braces for the next 2 years. I decided to get braces again because..well, I lost my retainer back when I had braces. Now my teeth fell back together again and I don't really like it. I figured I rather spend 2 years with hardware in my mouth than live the rest of my life seeing myself with teeth that I didn't like. But eww, look at that photo LOL. I don't like how my teeth are lined up, so yep. That's why I am getting braces!


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