Anime Cray cray..all over again =__="

I haven't watched anime for the longest time. For probably a year or so..just now I got back into and yeah..I'm addicted again =_=" I stopped just cause I felt it was a waste of time (Which it can be) but yeah...I'm back..Anywho.

I finally was able to upload my Element Series for Fire tutorial :D I recorded this look just cause I felt you guys deserved something more "creativeishly"..also because in this look I demonstrate how to cut your crease with my kind of eye lid. I kind of learned this myself trying to figure out how to pull things off with my lid and I think I did pretty well. I hope this opens up doors for those who wish to be able to do more with their eye lids.

I take a lot of time on finding proper's probably the hardest thing about my videos lol. I spend more hours on finding it than recording it lol. I like the beginning music for this video :D It's epic! I thought it was perfect since the look was fire and it needed some magical epic feel to it ;DDDD

Today was also the BIG game for Packers and Bears! (Football!) AND PACKERS WONN >:D My mom and I went out to buy and make food just for this event lol. I didn't really watch..I watched Anime all day..I'm not the type to sit around sports for a few hours when I could simply be told in the end who won Ha Ha..but yeah that's just me lol

Well! Off to more Anime :P


xXSoraXx said…
Love this make up look! It's so creativ! :) Keep up this good work! ^_^

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