Beauty, Makeup, Perfections and Imperfections

People seriously overlook makeup. We're all so used to seeing people with makeup that when some people see someone without it, they criticize them right away that they're ugly without makeup. If that was the case, then everyone, including those who has nothing to do but judge those silly things, are ugly without makeup too. That isn't true at all though. Truth is, our natural features will never be perfect but our imperfects is what makes us perfect and beautiful. If makeup didn't exist, perhaps we will see that our natural skin with all those flaws was perfect just like if we did had makeup on; but makeup isn't even about that. It's just another form of art enhancing a canvas and or being creative with. Like I said, we're just too used to seeing a "better face" that those who has nothing productive to do with their lives likes to try and use it against others to make them feel better when they're only underestimating themselves and their beauty. True beauty is from within..and that's something to be jealous about. (Like bubzbeauty, I envy her beautiful heart :)


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