So today at work, I met someone unique. I'm not going to lie, but in the nicest way possible, she was not close to skinny. (I work at McDonald's right now by the way) She wanted a Crispy-Club meal (chicken sandwich #7 on the menu). She then told me she wanted to replace the fries with a Side Salad which we didn't do. I told her "Ma'am I we can't do that for a meal unless you want it separate". Then she said "Well shouldn't McDonald's want me to be healthy?" to get us to make it work for her. Now, I didn't mind just giving her what she wanted and getting her out of the way of the rest of my customers, the only thing was, I felt bad for her about how lowly she looked at herself. Seriously? You NEED McDonald's to tell you to be healthy when you made your choice to come here in the first place? Lol. I found it hilarious and sad at the same time. To think about it, I'm not even sure how she felt about herself saying that cause it sure didn't make her "demand" sound any cooler considering that she is around her 30's as an adult and still doesn't know how to make her own good decisions but to depend on others to feed her what they think is good for her. Which is also funny because obviously, McDonald's doesn't want you to be healthy, hence is why it's well known world wide to be the most fattening place on earth YET, you go there anyway when you could make yourself healthier going somewhere else. Sure there are people who don't care about fast food and go there, but when you're already feeling that low about eating there knowing that eating it will only make you feel low about yourself, stop lying to yourself that you don't care and how skinny people need to shove food in themselves when you could just do something good for yourself and stop as well as make you feel good about yourself. But yeah, she probably came from another planet and thought McDonald's was some place to get motivation to become healthier or something. If there was one place that had the most ridiculous and variety of people, it would probably be McDonald's lol seriously haha. My little rant and story of the day.


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