How I got into makeup and photography

My whole life I don't often express myself through talk. I guess one would say I'm a loner. I tend to keep my thoughts and dwell in my own little world. Before I expressed through music only since I was little playing the piano since I was 3 years old. Though I was young, I don't recall much of how I felt towards it. Although I do love music... I was browsing through the net one day looking for inspiration and caught my eye on multiple makeup looks. It definitely caught my eye and I wanted to try something out. Before, I swore I would never wear a lot of makeup. Of course, then I only thought makeup as something fake that hid your features and something that was just, fake lol.

This is my first time using eyeshadow and adding some small dots for whatever reason lol. It was just a blob of color on my eye with black 2 wing eye liner and some random dots..

After that I just kinda kept going and experimenting with what I had I didn't have my own makeup then, I used only what my mom had. Makeup kept me occupied and relieved from the things around me. Everyday from school I would just drop my stuff and quickly go into the bathroom and put makeup on haha.

Makeup kinda brought to me photography too. I wanted to capture my looks for personal memory within my life and I wanted to capture it well to remember as I get older. So doing well with a regular digital camera, by mom and uncle decided to buy me my Nikon Camera. Though it's not the most expensive and greatest, I made the best of it.

Everyday I'm learning more about it and everyday I appreciate it more and more. All I think about sometimes is makeup haha xD I sleep thinking about makeup and wake up thinking about makeup. lol If makeup actually had feelings, it'll probably think I'm a total creeper and stalker..anyways..I love makeup and I'm glad I opened myself to it. It's simply another form of art, although art nowadays is so overly written everywhere and said, that's pretty much what it is. The connection between photography, makeup and music sinks strongly into my life and it makes me who I am. How? Because what I express comes out of those making it, me..which is the beauty of it.

In life there are things we are given individually. For me, I like to use them to comfort me as well as share that wonderful feeling with others. I feel blessed to be able to experience those things because it's truly a wonderful feeling and knowledge to attain that many may or may not feel.

But yeah, this blog is just..idk I just feel very appreciative of those things and art itself tonight. It's a very beautiful thing that the world gave us.


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