Max Pure Pink Circle Lens

I meant to blog about these lenses when I posted my video 5 days ago, but I serious have been occupied by this thing called life =__="
On the positive side though, I was able to wear the lenses longer and test out how they worked on my eyes when wearing them more I now have more to add onto the whole review. These lenses were sent to me from to review. And I choose Max Pure Pink since I had some request on that color.

Here is the video too if you haven't seen it:

I really like these lenses. They are actually really comfortable. Before in the review I may have said that they don't dry out that easily, but now that I've been wearing them for a while, they tend to get dry after 4-5 hours. It's probably due to the fact that they've been worn often.

I mentioned before how I like the anime eye effect. Now, not everyone will not think the same, but for me I see it as an anime effect. I think it's really pretty and dolly like! I'm pretty sure anyone wearing Max Pure pink would look cute. It just has this really well blended effect to it not making your eyes overly dramatic.

The lenses comes in small vials. The vials has a small arrow on the side indicating where to lift up the top.

I wore these lenses in my Fire look for my Element Series. I re-did the look as I said I would..I thought the previous look looked more like a circus themed makeup. For this new look, I darkened the outter areas of my lips to give it more of an ashy smokey fire look. I also did the same for my eyes.

The lenses I thought went well with the look. It really sparkled in all the photos I took!

So would I recommend it? YESS. It's my favorite right now. It's been the only circle lens I've been wearing out of all the ones I have since I got it lol. It's pretty, natural and comfortable.


Elisa ♥ said…
wow, i really love your cool make up skills =D ! and the lenses are very suitable for you though =D like the color

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