Smiling makes Beautiful

I have a theory..and it doesn't necessarily mean it's true though lol xD So I have chubby lower cheeks which make me look like a hamster and my face doesn't look too slimming (that's just what I think lol), and lately I've been doing a lot of face massages before I sleep and in the morning. This may sound silly, but bear with me~ :3

I massage around the lower area of my cheek next to my mouth where it's chubby and lift the lower cheek up too as I massage to define the apples of my cheek. I do this morning and night and it not only help slim up, it helps relax your muscles too on your face.

Something else I do a lot which is extremely easy to do is just smile! :) By simply smiling, you're using a lot of muscles to pull up your skin and muscles. It's a work out for your face pretty much, (at least that's what I think xD) but at the same time, you can look beautiful and slimming your face at the same time! I had months where I'm just a depressed and upsetting little person and always had a frown on my face. I do remember my cheeks feeling really droopy and chubby around my mouth all the time. By smiling, (theory) you're lifting up, working the muscles and toning that area.

Smiling is healthy anyways and in a way, when smiling, I always feel a spark inside me even in my worst time. A feeling of lifting something heavy on my chest as I smile. Smiling is like a natural treatment for your face and heart. It's also a win-win situation! Better heart and slimmer face! So why not try? :)

I'm not guaranteeing anything...I think its working on me with the slimming part..but I do guarantee a happier heart with more smiling :)


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