Happy Makeup

Today my Sephora Box came in! Guess what I used my $50 gift card I got on christmas on? >:) The Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Adora

Inside the palette:

The colors doesn't look exact in the photo but you get the picture I hope lol...One of the main reason why I got this palette was because of the color next to the black color. It's a really gorgeous red plumish dark cream color almost maroonish..and I love the color red, dark red and maroon yeah you get it lol :)

Here are some swatches of the colors on my arm:

Right now the palette is only $24! The original price is $34. The other 3 palettes from her True Romance collection is the original price. I don't know why it's only Adora that's discounted but hey, that's fine with me :) I do encourage you to try the palette out, or the other palette if you want to. The colors are greatly pigmented and gorgeous. Not to mention the creative artistic palette design.

I also got some other stuff since I still had some money to spend.

This is just a Sephora Blush I got called "Blush Me!". I liked how the color was not too dark nor too bright in color. It also has hints of light shimmer. I want to try something different and not always have a matte face lol

Here is a closer view:

I also signed up for Sephora's beauty insider and got this for free to try. It's pretty much a mini kabuki brush, powder foundation and a face primer:

The kabuki brush is the cutest thing everrrrr. It's like half the size of an egg!! LOL.

But yeah, I this made my day (especially the mini kabuki brush). I hope you all are having just as great of day!


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