What I've been doing...

I've been studying, practicing my violin, working, spending more time with family and setting goals and whatnot. Sometimes my life is at a pause and I don't do anything but lay around. I'm sure you all had those days where you just don't have that energy. Life does that but that's why you have your loved ones to encourage you and push you from that feeling :)

Yesterday I took some photos of my friend Ian Gallman who's a model. He needed some face shots and I mentioned to him once how he should model for me. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out considering that I have a pretty lame "studio" haha.


Exams are THIS week and I've been so frustrated with some classes. I'll do my best though. Let's all do our best and go through this together! D: lol (cheesy)

This weekend Phillip is finally coming over after almost 2 months D: He was suppose to come last weekend but his car had to be fixed. I'm glad it's all situated now. We weren't able to celebrate Christmas nor the New Years together as planned which was really disappointing. We haven't even celebrated the New Years together at all yet. But since he's coming soon, we're going to have our own little celebration lol. Probably most likely going to the movies and restaurant then opening reallyyy late presents xD I had this reallyyy unique Christmas gift for Phillip that I made online that's going to take them a while to make and ship...so I'm just going to end up shipping it to his home.

I picked up my guitar after a month now and learned the song "Back to December" by Taylor Swift. I love that song ^__^ I might end up doing a cover if I have time and post it to my vlog channel. http://www.youtube.com/ichuyyang. Like I mentioned before, I also started singing again...and boy..my voice was sooo horrible hahah. It cracked on every note and it was just pretty bad. But eventually it got better after practice.
My first exam for the week is my violin solo too ugh :x I'm nervous..there are some high notes that just sounds soo squeaky and it gives me the chills. I practiced all day today until I sweat a river.. for I have to play tomorrow morning D: I'll just do my best..until then.


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