Long and Dolly looking Lower lashes!

This isn't recent..but a while ago when I ordered my NYX makeup at http://www.hautelook.com I bought what was suppose to be the Volume Mascara from NYX with some other stuff that was with the order. Instead I got the Long Lash Mascara for lengthening.

I decided to work with it since I got it. Honestly, it did NOTHING to my upper lashes. My lashes were still straight and droopy with black mascara coating. I was really angry lol. I wanted to toss it away because I was so shock at how useless it was for about $9 when I could have used that money to buy some drug store mascara that could've done wonders! After a couple weeks of not touching that mascara, I looked at it one day and thought to myself that maybe since it's "LONG LASH" and my lower lashes are pretty short, maybe I could try it on my lower lashes..and I did.

This is how the brush looks on the wand:

The results were pretty awesome. I got long dolly looking lower lashes without the clumping! It looks as if they were false lower lashes in my opinion. I really like the mascara for my lower lashes. They look so dolly, cute and flirty! (The left without the Long Lash Mascara and the right with)


So that was how I got to ever use it again and not toss it! Haha. After a few weeks of using it and being happy about it, I decided to share this with everyone..who reads lol :) It worked for me, and hopefully it'll work for you too if you have short and thin baby lower lashes~


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