Movie: Shaolin (2011)

I just watched an amazing movie today called Shaolin. It just released January 19, 2011 in China.

I love movies like these where they remind you of happiness, doing good for others, realizing the bad, moving on, changing when necessary, and caring for one another no matter who they are. Always willing to help with open arms and loving your enemies is the greatest example to change a heart.

Though we all know the basics of kindness and yadeyada, majority of the time our actions don't speak it as clear and I admit I do that. Maybe as an addition to my new year's goal I want to meditate more o_o

This movie really touched me. It reminded me the power of honesty, love, and forgiveness which enables actual freedom and peace of mind for one personally. Though the religion in the movie is Buddhism, I have nothing against it if it teaches goodness. After watching this I just felt released and open in the heart. I want to work harder to be a better person.

Although I'm not perfect, whether close to it or not even, there will always be room to be kind.


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