Outfit of the day! First vid! :D

So I'm actually blogging for yesterday but yeah :)
I made my first outfit of the day video, well the first that I posted up! The first time I tried to make a video my boyfriend Phillip was filming and we couldn't stop laughing lol. So yesterday when he came I was reminded about doing an OOTD. We were going out too so I decided to make one since I had time before we left.

Normally I try to avoid videos like these just because sometimes I feel it's too much bragging about what I have and whatnot. But in a way, it's just sharing, giving ideas to others and having fun in a cyber way lol. Plus, from watching others as well, I must say I've found more places to buy stuff xD Can't complain about that :)

So yeah, my brothers boyfriend and I went to P.F. Chang's Bistro for "Linner" (that's what Phil called it) and it was delicious. In fact, we're eating more of it for "Linner" again! I'll have some pictures up later today since I forgot my camera yesterday :)


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