Scared to go all out in Fashion? Don't be!

I was thinking today about my Outfit of the day video and I remembered what stopped me from doing it before. It wasn't just because I didn't want to brag, it was because I didn't have the confidence. Yes, I'm obviously being honest lol. We stop at a certain point in fashion where we buy things and don't wear things because we don't have that confident to wear it and be bold. I was there multiple times. I looked online, saw all these cute things that I would love to have, buy it and never wear it out.

My poor money and clothing just sits in the closet waiting to be worn somewhere. But it hit me that I shouldn't care nor care, but just wear it to release the true me. The me I want to be and free it. As corny as this sounds, fashion is like a way of expression and we all have different taste and it's okay! I just at that time didn't want to for some reason and it sometimes drained me and worsen my confidence. I encourage all girls and guys to go for whatever fashion that suits them. You'll feel more free and less worried..not sure if that's the word but yeah xD

There is only one life to live :) Live for yourself :)


Kat said…
I pondered upon your YT channel today and you are absolutely beautiful!
Love your blog too! :)

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