Growing Healthier Lashes

Yooo. So I posted up a wall post on my facebook a couple days ago if anyone was interested in me making a video on what they could do to grow longer lashes and a few were interested. I also got questions on my youtube inbox about what mascaras were my favorite and if I could do like a favorite video or something like that xD So this video has both in it since it's relates to eye lashes.

In terms of growing your lashes, I mentioned it in my older website that I don't use anymore (I kept it up because it had some good tips and could help someone else). Click here for the blog. Right away you'll notice how there are I listed multiple things you could do with the Olive Oil xD So look around if you want to know more there.


So these are the mascaras that I mentioned in the video. The Maybelline - The falsies volum express and NYX Doll Eye Mascara Long Lash.

I already did a review on the Doll Eye Lash from NYX which you can find in my blog if you click here.

So a berief review on the Mabelline one. Like I mentioned in the video, the formula is quite dry so it holds my thin lashes better compared to the doll eyes. For me, I have to look for volume lashes for my upper because I have...NONE lol. Usually mascaras that's for length doesn't work for me.


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