These couple of days have been so hard. Everyone I thought were supporting me just threw their support away and I feel so alone :( I know I should keep fighting, but it's been draining my motivation. It hurts, and it makes me not want to do things...but at the same time, things will not be done at all if I don't do it.

In life there are things we feel we need in order to move on, but we shouldn't completely rely on that. Pulling through a situation at the moment is most important instead of dwelling in it. Dwelling would just drain our energy we need most. We'll find ourselves closer to living our life in the end if we stay strong and hold onto our believes. Words will not create actions for anyone. Rather you don't say anything and do something about it.

I suppose what gets me most is not being able to accomplish what I intend to. I'm the type that would do things and go through all means to complete it. It just happens to be that people close to me don't recognize the hardship I have to go through to get there. They just want results and look down on the projects I have to do. But I guess that's just people and again, can't let that drown me. This goes to everyone out there too. Just keep doing. Keep fighting!


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