This morning my mother and I went hair shopping for tomorrow. We also tried to look for some feet scrubs for my grandma because she farms a lot and we wanted to give her something for her tiny hardworking feet. Pretty much for hair we needed bleach for me before we use the Palty Hair Dye I bought since I wanted my hair LIGHT! lol

Later today we had no plans but to rest because we were tired out from the whole week. I was thinking about sleeping but then I realized without black hair I can't really accomplish the Geisha Makeup look I would've wanted..and I'm broke so I can't get a wig lol. So I just got off bed right away after I thought about that I got into the Geisha look. I felt like I rushed a bit but somehow it turned out better than expected.

Some photos:

Makeup is fun. But the funnest part, is taking it off. HA HA..not really lol.
But yeah I feel more satisfied and not so worried about changing my hair color after that. But the many makeup looks that goes well with black hair...I'll miss that. But as of right now, black is getting too boring. The past years I had it just to grow my super guy short hair out.

Told ya it was short! xD I think it looked good on me, I just don't want to cut it and wait 3 more years for long hair you know? xD So yeah, I'll post up a blog tomorrow about the hair coloring process!!


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