Tsubasa Masuwaka

Good eveningg :)
Yesterday I did a tutorial on Tsubasa Masuwaka's smokey eye look with individual lower lashes on the bottom. Here's the photo:

I decided to not do her signature look because too many awesome gurus already did it xD Here I am with the look:

I honestly think I look kinda silly but yeah xD I also dyed my hair a couple days ago too which encouraged me to do this look since Tsubasa had light hair too~

I like this look. It's really wearable and between the lines of normal and dressy. So whichever event, this look is very flexible to wear.


Today however, I woke up for the first time in a month at 5am @__@
I looked and walked like a zombie as my mother would call it haha. The reason why I woke up so early was because I had a ortho appointment for my braces. They just changed the wires and I finally got my rubber bands for the braces! Yay...(not)

So I took them off when I got home to eat since I didn't eat dinner nor breakfast, and putting them back on was a pain! haha. They were sooo stretched out it was hard to reach for the loops to put them in my mouth. And when it slipped, it smacked my cheeks! xD Oh the pain for nice teeth...it'll be worth it after all this!


You are so prettttty! Loved the tutorial by the way!!!

Jessica-Marie said…
Great tutorial! Lovely as always :)

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