Watched some amazing movies (review/spoiler-ISH)

Today I watched two awesome movies. They're called "Painted Skin" and then I watched the live movie from the Disney Mulan, "Hua Mulan". Yes, these movies came out a while ago but I back then I was younger and didn't search stuff like this as much as I do now lol

First Painted Skin:

First of all, I thought the story was really heart touching. Somewhat towards the end it reminded me of Romeo and Juliet though but a little twist for a happier ending. My ALL TIME favorite actress Vicki Zhao or Zhao Wei is in it too. I love if not all of her movies she stars in. She is just that amazing at acting. And I after watching this I have a new celeb crush...Kun Chen!!!!!!!!! *___* I became a stalker of his after watching Painted Skin. But anyways, it dealt with the common relationship problems between a couple which is trust. It involves a love triangle and what the couple had to go through to regain it and to really realize their love for each other. It also explains what one would sacrifice if they are truly in the state of love for another. It involves demons and whatnot. Some parts can be disturbing for some people but it's not that bad. At most it's only gimps of disturbing things then the director cuts it off pretty fast. I cried in this movie so yeah it's pretty good lol

So next I watched was Hua Mulan:

After watching Hua Mulan, I felt just like a warrior!! :DD No really lol. It's a good movie but I must say, it's quite depressing. Throughout the movie Mulan pretty much goes through depression, trying to stay strong for her brother warriors and country. Oh and I must add, KUN CHEN is in there too :DD Although his name isn't "Shang", I'm assuming that's somewhat his role. But there isn't much about her in the beginning all dressed up finding a husband. The focus is war, brotherhood, encouragement and romance. The ending..was good and bad. That's all I'm saying. Just watch it =)

So yeah, I'm probably going to find more movies of Zhao Wei and Kun Chen. I think they should totally get together or something. They are SOO SWEET TOGETHER. <3


Okay I'm done.


Lol, I so feel you on this!!!

By the way, I awarded you with THE BUTTERFLY AWARD, check it out on my blog for the information. :)

mella said…
Omg I think so too! they are so damn sweet tgt. sad that vicki is already married. They should so get tgt. and they are like bff since their school days. aww. Do you know which other movies star both of them?

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