BB Cream Review - Skin79 Oriental Gold and Missha Perfect Cover

Hey girls :) If you don't know already, the only foundation that lately I've been using is BB Cream. Right now my skin is pretty sensitive and so being picky is crucial for me. I received two BB creams from to review for you! They are the Skin79's Oriental Gold BB Cream and the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream.

Let's start with the Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream!

As I mentioned in my video review, the consistency is very thin giving a light coverage. For me, I still have some dark blemishes that needs thicker cover so this won't cover much for me, however, the thinness of it IS really nice for covering my under-eye circles! It's not thick so it glides very gently under the eyes which is great because that's the area you want to be most gentle! Usually when using a foundation that's thicker, I get lines under my eyes because the skin creases from too much foundation! Bad bad! But I have NO problem using the Oriental Gold BB cream there. It's very gentle and moisturizing. The color is a bit light for my overall complexion, but as I mentioned before about the under-eyes, usually a lighter color works best to brighten up that area and it's doing it's job for me!

This BB Cream also comes with a cream light pink/peachy blush! The color is really cute and gives a very healthy blushy look. It has it's own small container right on top of the cap which I find pretty cleaver and useful.

Now for the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream...

This has to be my favorite BB Cream thus far! It does gives a great coverage! When you first apply, it may seem like the color is too pale and gray, but giving it about 5 minutes it'll like dissolved into your skin and look more natural. This BB Cream is also great for concealing and doubling up for extra coverage. For me, I don't need too much of this product. A little really goes a long way with this BB Cream. I don't apply it under my eyes though. My bags under my eye are very...loose? So the thickness of it can cause creasing in the skin so that's where I use the Skin79. Others may not have a problem depending on your skin. As I mentioned also in the video, the scent has a strong rosie scent. When I apply it around my nose I can smell it, I don't mind it because it does it's job. The pump is GREAT! You have control on how much product you want and I really like that. Some BB cream can explodee and waste product :/

Here is a quick close up swatch of the two BB Creams:

Despite the lighting, Missha is still a bit darker.


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