Glittery Pink Gyaru Nails!

HII!! Wow I'm surprised I still have growing followers on my blogs and views even though I've been honestly slacking on blog posts! :/ Sooo solly! Thanks so much!!! Anyways, I'm back with a quickie nail tutorial :) I've been slacking with nails too and I decided to make a difference lol. Usually when I don't feel as "pretty" face wise, I do my nails so at least something on me looks "pretty". So here we go!

Here are the nail polishes I used. In order they are:
Wet N Wild - Wild Shine Protector, It's So Easy Stripe Rite - (Idk the color but it's just silver glitter), China Glaze - B-Girlz, OPI - Princesses Rule!, OPI - Hearts & Tarts, China Glaze - Strong Adhesion Base Coat.

First I applied the base coat. I find it really helpful because the colors last much longer and I get less yellow stains on my nails.

Once you have that, on the tip of your nail create a french like manicure with the bright pink nail polish.

Then using the Princesses Rule! which is mostly tiny glitters with a super light pink polish apply it once over the bright pink.

Apply a thin line of silver across where the pink meets your natural nail color.

Add some nail gems if you like and you're done! :D

Hope this makes up for my laziness ~.~ I am NOT the greatest at nails because I lack practice due to sacrifices of musical instruments...however, I still hope you like what I attempted somehow and try it out tuu! :D


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