Makeup and Photography Lovee

I haven't messed with makeup and photos this was exactly why I did this today. I call this "Fantasy."

I LOVE THE COLORS. I forgot to take a photo of my eyes because I washed it off for the night..but I will redo the look again and for sure take a photo. <3

I was just thinking why I love makeup and photography so much. Sometimes there isn't a reason to, you just do. But...

I think the main reason now why I love makeup is because of the face. I love the human face. They are all different in sizes, shapes and colors and it's so interesting and lovely to gaze at each of them! It's simply like an art piece literary smacked on our , well, face. The world is like a GIANT MUSEUM!!! <3 I'm not too into body art and the human body that much, however I do admire artist who create things on them! THEE BEST thing ever about makeup is the character you can create and the feel you make out of it. It's the best part, the funnest part. Although of course I admit sometimes I don't like myself, that's possibly exactly what I want! It's not suppose to always be me. It's something I created unless stated otherwise xD When others are reminded of something, or think of something from my makeup looks, that's when I really feel accomplished. And this, connects with my love in photography..

Photography captures that for me. It creates a story out of the character I created. Other's sees it and everyone has a different perspective of it which is the coolest thing how something I create can have so many different stories, feelings and have people reminiscent about a past or something. In terms of taking photos of others, I personally enjoy taking photos of couples. It's heartwarming to capture sweet moments for cute couples. I'm also reminded of my boyfriend and our love for each other and it makes me so happy.

Music, I must say is also my inspiration to do makeup and photography. It sets the mood for me.

I am totally obviously not the greatest makeup person or photographer in the world, but that doesn't stop me from doing it because I enjoy it and it's out of expression from myself, making =) People who can relate to some of my stuff is bonus


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