My god sent Mascara!

I hope the title was attractive enough because I have some reallyyy great news. I found well..the title already said so it would be kinda weird to repeat it again :/ Anyways, it's the L'Oreal Waterproof Hydrofuge Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara!! (Don't have to say it out loud, pretty long I know). It's seriously my new favorite mascara for my upper lashes for sure.

This mascara is VERY black and the formula when you apply it seems very liquidy..however when you apply it, it quickly dries and leaves your lashes where they are like super glue or something! In my case since I have asian thin lashes that likes to fall back down during the day, this mascara prevents that because of it's quick to hold and dry formula. It's SOO good at holding my lashes. The photos below was at the END of the day. I wore the mascara for about 8 hours and it's still the same as when I first applied it. AMAZINGGGGGGGG.

My lashes are actually REALLY visible all day and to me, it looks as if I have those pointly false lashes on when it's really my real lashes! I'm not exaggerating at all. Since it's waterproof too, I think that's what makes it hold so well too. It's seriously waterproof despite how liquidity it feels at first. Hmm, the best example is that it holds like a rock. Literary.

I like it on the lower lashes too just because it thickens it so much too! I still like my Doll Lash mascara from NYX too though because it girls a different style to my eyes. I like both! Lol! Just for different looks :)

The ONLY downside of this mascara is that because it holds SOO well, it's hard to get it off especially if you have thin eyelashes like myself so be VERY careful when removing it because it may pull some lashes which is a big no-no.

Here's how the wand looks like:

At first I didn't think it was the most attractive or unique ward but more like the typical kind of wand, so I didn't really give too much hope until BAM, I see my eyelashes for the first time all day. I'm definitly happy that I made this purchase and I'll probably continue to use it until I find something else. This is a product that I URGE YOU GIRLS OR GUYS TO TRY FOR SURE. If it works fantastic on asians lashes, it's pretty much good for everyone lol (probably not true) but yeah. Just saying because it's so hard to find good mascaras for asian lashes. :P


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