Bloody Clown Inspired

I've been looking at clown makeup for quite some time and wanted to do something similar but not completely. The only thing that could've made it look more clown like was the nose. But since it was only inspired, I didn't do that. This look was sooo easy to achieve. Wished I could've freakin make a tutorial dammit >_> Oh..and I think I completely killed the camera cause I've been pounding it hardcore against things >_>...people suggested it too so..LOL. But it's whatever, it's old. But here is the photos:

Here I am with just the white paint! Oh ho ho. Excuse my silly eyelids. They don't like being twins...:P

And here's me waiting for the latex to dry...

And then what I did was cut up a triangular shape inside the latex and filled it with black and red eyeshadow then blooooood!

So yeah! This is cool for like a Clown look or even works for Joker.


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