I never went to any school dance my entire high school. So, since it's senior year, I decided to just go haha. On friday, we had our prep rally which was really fun. All the seniors wore black and we gathered together for an epic entrance. We had glow sticks and some people dressed up in neon suits. As we entered, all the lights were off so all other people saw were glow sticks. Pretty much we jumped around dancing in with glow sticks in the dark. Fun stuff haha.

Yesterday, Saturday, I went over to my friend's house to get ready with the girls for the homecoming dance. It was hilariousss the things we did and said haha

And here's a photo of my hair. My mommy did for me!!

My makeup was pretty much a blue smokey eye. (I did my friend's makeup too! SO FUN)

It's actually really similar to my New Year's Makeup tutorial from last year:

So yeah, it was so much fun. I danced like crazy. My dress and soaked in sweat ahaha disgusting I know. My tights hurts more than my feet from the heels! Most likely from getting downnnnn with the music aha. Totally my workout for the night xD


Elisa ♥ said…
i totally love your bannerrrr!!!! and lovely hair and eye make up <333

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