My hair thus far...

My roots are starting to grow out all gross D; Probably a good one inch. The only reason that this is cool is that you can see how much more hair you grew :D I reallyy reallyy want my hair to grow all the way down to my butt, if not longer. :) I just think its time to feel like a girl cause like some of you know, I used to have super boy short hair ahha. (no photoshop cause i'm lazy hello scars and dark circles!)

And here I am trying hard to be cute with my lovely out grown hair.


I got a few followers wondering how short my hair was. I lost some REALLY good pictures of my hair. UGh. these were the ones I could find showing most of the hair:

SO, believe it or not, that's youngER ME haha. I loved short hair. Honestly its soo much fun and easy. I remember just waking up, showering and not worry about waiting forever to dry my hair. it's so fast to style too. :3 But for now, long hair cause it took FOUR LONG ASS YEARS TO GROW ONLYY PASS MY CHEST :( So yeah. lol

If this, in anyway, inspires you to cut your hair, I'm not stopping you. Hair is hair and it grows lol The experience is nice and I think all girls should have short hair once just to experience how easy hair can be haha :)

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Melody said...

ohh thats a big difference :) but you look cute with long AND short hair *.*
My roots are also showing up at the moment. However I don't rly see my hair grow ò.ó evil curls! xD Its about 30 inch long '-'
Hope you will reach your wish-length as soon as possible <3 Mine is similar to yours :))

Chuy Yang said...

thank you melody! :D <3 Sometimes i wish i had natural curly hair. it's so pretty <3

Elisa ♥ said...

wow such a big difference.. but you also look good with short hair :D i'm probably going to cut my hair short for the very first time in my life.. *sigh* so scared that it will turn ugly..

Chuy Yang said...

hehe you'll look awesome! Just got keep up with styling and working it :D

Melody said...

aww thanks a lot! <3 '-'
are you going to dye your hair again? :) I like that colour but I think you are the type that can wear any colour ^-^

sophie said...

aw cute <3
I think both suit you
I had short hair like that too when I was 16 :D

Nkauj Hmoob Chubby said...

Extremely cute, but agree, this is a totally different you, much younger and much more... I should say conservative? And the long hair now makes you very extremely girly looking and outgoing, ahhhh short hair days. I will never go back though, lol. Hence I looked like a hedge hog. LOL

Chuy Yang said...

Haha I agree! Sometimes I want to go back...but it's such a HARD DECISION! I would have to ask myself if i'm willing to go through waiting another 4 years to grow my hair out again lol

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