Rawr! It's 11/11/11!

NOVEMBER IS CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I feels soo overloaded with stuff and it's so exhausting. Throughout November so far I haven't had a time to sit down and relax (except for now kind of). I haven't had the time to look all pretty and take photos either. Makes me so sad :( I have, however, taken photos of some amazing people. So that kind of makes up for it xD Just the makeup part :/

Hardly anyone knows this, but my dad bought a new house and it's HUGE! :D I'm so excited to move in!!! The apartment I live in right now is super small. There is only 2 bedrooms and 5 of us living there lol. I don't have a room. I share with my brothers and I sleep on their bunk bed. So for my self-portraits...you can assume that it's quite a hassle because I have NO room at all ._.

We haven't moved in because we're doing this family home improvement thing and that's why my energy level is like 0.38%. I want to work hard though because this thanksgiving, we're planning to have family come over and we want the house to look perfect! Well, I do. I'm a perfectionist especially for home decorations.

The house was a MESS when we bought it. I don't know how anyone can just move in before cleaning it. Oh, I'm also a clean FREAK. Every house my family has been to, we scrub the place dowwwwn from the tip of the roof to the lowest level. Ever inch! I'd post up photos, but I want to write a blog with photos that shows the before and after.

Don't you hate that feeling of being so close to a goal but because you're missing ONE piece of the puzzle, the goal just seems sooo far away. It's been driving me crazy because I feel like I'm not getting anything done and when I feel that way...I get so angry and moody. Patience is a virtue! But you're not going to accomplish anything if you wait forever either! So for this morning's wish at 11:11am, I made a wish and no, I'm not going to tell :P

For anyone reading this, don't forget to make another wish tonight at 11:11pm! Hopefully you read this before though ;)


take pictures and show us!! i love new houses! lol


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