I like thanksgiving! It's a nice refresher of the people you should appreciate in life. I do admit there are times where I take people for granted, but they're impact in my life is huge and brought me to where I am today. I should definitely acknowledge it at least.

My family came to my new house to celebrate. Of course, they wanted to see the new place too ;p My dad was so excited he got a new flat screen tv so that the guys could watch football, but he got it before black friday. lol. He could've saved like $300 bucks haha!

Later on the next day I got bored and took photos, finally! Seriously...if I just stay home, cooked, cleaned, and laid around I feel and look super scrubby. So if I could find something that involves dressing up, I'm for it! Ha!

I'm wearing Princess Mimi Lenses in Chocolate brown. They're pretty!

O, and this is my senior photo. My hubbi said so :D The lighting isn't the greatest..I forced my brother to help take my photos haha xD

Later during the day I was thinking specifically of my boyfriend whom I've been with for 2 years and 6 months. He literary saved me many times and has always been there supporting me, recognizing me, caring, loving, and just being the best that he could for me even though he was so far from me. I stress this...that HE IS SUCH A DORK. An adorable one and I am so blessed. It gets me whenever he gets jealous. It's the cutest thing.

Which reminds me! I got all my major Christmas gifts bought! It's great to have that off the chest xD I'm so excited for Christmas. The music just lifts my heart and brings my soul happiness ^^. Can't wait for the snow either. I can understand why people hate the snow, but it's not that bad. It adds such a beautiful touch in nature, especially Christmas of course. This year has gone by so fast...seriously. Need to spend time with loved ones more!


Holika said…
so beautiful you are miss! too bad youre posting rarely in your blog >:
Chuy Yang said…
I know :/ It's because I didn't have internet for a while :(
Rebekah said…
what camera do you use?

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