Candy Doll Highlighter Review

After a long debate with myself, I finally got the Candy Doll highlighter!

Candy Doll products by Tsubasa Masuwaka can be very expensive...that's why I had to really think about it lol

What really disappointed me and made me go "" was the size of the product. It was really small for me. I was expecting it to be the size of a regular blush or so. But it wasn't ;( *tear* I compared it with my blush and nyx eyeshadow. The size is in between them both.

My thoughts on the packaging:
I think it's okay. Could've been better. It's just hard plastic.

My thoughts on color:
The product does the job of highlighting. It has some shimmer (which to me, there seems to be some 'gold glitter' in there too) to help with the reflecting of light for that nice highlight effect. The color itself suits me well!

My thoughts on texture:
For others, they said it feels soft and even creamyish? I do think it is soft, however, I kind of feel like it's a bit chalky and powdery. I was hoping that it feels a bit more... high quality you know, you know?

You can use this product for multiple areas on your face! :D

I used it for my nose to create a higher bridge.

I used it for my cheeks.

Aaannnddd I also used it to highlight my brow bone.

For the eyebrow, I think it does okay. If you want a really natural look then this would be good! I like it more shimmery than a few sparkles here and xD I still like the shimmery eyeshadow from my NYX Smokey Eye Palette.

So overall, I think the product is average. I probably won't buy it again ;[
I hope this was helpful to some of you!


suki pooki said…
Thanks for the review! I wasn't sure if I should get this or not but seeing that I don't use highlighter very much I guess I can skip on this, but somehow Im very bad at resisting asian cosmetics LOL Watch me buy it and then not use it ><

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