Enchanting Holiday Eye Makeup

I like Thanksgiving, but I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I was listening to Christmas music all day today as I did this look and took the photos xD I feel so happy!

I did purpleish pink to add more of a feminine touch and the blue to cool down the warmth of the pink and purple too. Then a bit of shimmery gold for a more festive overall look! :D

Gotta always prime your eyelid!

Then use any purple gel/primer/base you have and apply very little on the outter lid.

Then, from my coastal scents matte palette, (you can use any other palette you wish), I applied a purple on my crease with a dome brush and blended it.

Then using my Mabelline eyeshadow in Lilac, I used the second lightest color on my inner lid, and the second darkest color on the outter lid.

Using a matte sky blue color, I gently brushed it barely over the matte purple. Try to create a gradient effect.

Then I used a very dark purple and went over my crease to create a deeper look.

Then line your water line with a matte white liner. I think this makes the look, look cleaner.

Apply some of the dark purple under your lower lash line.

And then apply that shimmery gold on the inner tear duct.

Line your eyes.

You should get something like this so far :D If not then....IDK ._.

Next, apply any mascara. This mascara doesn't do much but make then darker...I'm going to wear false lashes anyways so it doesn't matter which mascara xD

I'm using these...I don't know what they're called :x Solly!

Then I'm using my Dolly Eye Mascara for the bottom lashes of course <3

Then apply a shimmery base to really bring the eye out!! Like WAM.

Set it with a shimmery highlight.

Apply a pink lip stick! *Pink please - maybelline*

Top it with lip gloss....

AND TA-DA! :D Hopefully you get this!

I took some holiday photos tuu.

Hope you like! Happy Holidays! <3


ramenisme said…
how do u get ur lighting??? its like perfect! some gurus have their lighting too bright that we can't see the actual color and some too dark but urs seem to be just right!
Chuy Yang said…
it could just be luck sometimes xD If not then photoshop =)

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