So it's like...late

I'm up...and watched all the popular youtube videos that I can search and now I'm bored. Soo...I'm going to blog!!!! I've been struggling to get sleep for a couple days now. I also suddenly can't eat as much either. I'm not exactly sure what's on my mind. I can easily count all my blessings and recognize all my loved ones. Perhaps I'm just holding myself back again as usual... Earlier this morning I couldn't sleep til 2 in the morning and waking up at 5am to get ready for school and I'm still not tired. What's going ONNN! :O I feel so dead!

One thing that's planned at least...I've already planned what I'm going to do when I can finally drive. The VERY first thing I'm going to do is drive to lake front early in the morning. I really need a peaceful place to just release my mind and to meditate. Everything just feels so...squished...cramped up. No matter what I tell myself or whatever positive thing there is out there...I keep ending up like this =_= It's tiring to deal with the same situation. I can't imagine explaining things feelings over and over to someone, it would be hell, so I keep it to myself.

Well...I got majority of my Christmas gifts? I'm so excited for Christmas. It's probably the main thing that's motivating me to get through the longggggggg dreadfulllll dayyyyyyyssss.

LOL okay. My rant is done. lol

*Deep voice* Bye.


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