(Image is from my mom's wedding)

I've been watching many videos about relationships, love, and marriage lately. (I like romance movies ;P) I've seen trailers on youtube, which is where I find new movies to watch, and noticed the different opinions on marriage. I couldn't help but place my thoughts on marriage here.

Am I for marriage? Yes. Am I for love? Yes. From what I observed on the Youtube comments, the main arguement was why go through the hassle of marriage if you already love that person? Isn't love enough?

For me, yes love is enough. Enough to make me want to marry that person and make them feel happy, safe, and secured. Marriage provides that security for some people, not only that, if one loves some, they would want to make it special and make them feel like they shouldn't worry even though they love that person.

If marriage really isn't a big deal, why not just marry? Really, why not? Love is enough to just do it right? It should be no big deal but something exciting. I feel that unless someone haven't been there where their heart just has to provide love and security for the other person, marriage isn't in their mind because of fear. Marriage is ginormously huge commitment and it secures the tie between the two lovers and cuts ties from others. Marriage is the action of the feeling "love" saying "Hey, I love you so much. I want you to feel secure, so this is how I'll prove to you my commitment."

I get where people say, "Well I love her/him, what else is there to prove?" But words can be very dry. Even if you did mean it, what else are you doing to make her/him feel special? Other people's marriage shouldn't stop anyone from creating their own marriage. A marriage is what a couple makes of it, not what other's make it. Plus, do it for the sake of you loving that person, not the fear that they'll leave you one day. That's ridiculous.

I must add, my parent's marriage really strengthen my thoughts and respect on marriage. I my mother is divorced, but my current dad never married before. When they were dating, I could see the love he had for her. He just wanted her happy and wanted her to feel safe. Marriage was not a question to him because he knew it would provide the security a women like my mom needs especially because she's been through so much. That's true love for me. He respected my her and I respect him for that.

So in general, I personally don't like it when people say things about marriage when they say they love that person. You love that person, just give them that small token of commitment to make their heart secured. I'm sure you'd like that feeling too when they say "I do" in agreement to the commitment :P

(This is solely my opinion on marriage. Of course you have to be independently ready lol. But this is for the idea of being together and not marrying at all)


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