Nails Love

People need to calm their nipples sometimes.

Okay! Lately I've been painting my nails more because it makes me feel more like a girl. I'm planning to grow out my right hand because since I play the violin, I have to have short nails on the left. Playing the piano would've been a problem too, but I don't have a piano to play on atm :(

This is what I currently did to my nails:

The nail polishes used: Un-named Gold Color by The Color WorkShop, B-Girlz by China Glaze and Kaleidoscope by Wet n Wild.

I just used China Glaze base coat and a clear coating from Wet n Wild before and after doing my nails. =)

I think having one finger different adds something interesting to it. Plus it's really easy without the hassle. I was thinking about making a tutorial, but honestly it was too easy.

Anywho...I want to make a makeup tutorial tomorrow. :D


Diana said…
I think your current nail length is just right! When I played the piano, I really wanted long nails but when I finally grew them out, it just felt weird--like it was pressing into the edge of my skin? -_-
Chuy Yang said…
Hehe I know what you mean XD

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