Why I enjoy Self-Portraits

I'm not a "photographer". Lol I take photos for the enjoyment of it. Everyone has their own story or reason, but I think I just figured out mines.

This might sound really weird from what other's may see photography, but I especially like self-portraits in photography just because I can see myself. What I meant by that...is I feel like I exist. Day to day, walking around, sitting, standing, I can't see myself obviously. So everything seems a blur, a dream to me. I get lost and lose what I believe in sometimes because I don't know if anything is real. When taking photos, whether I take them or if I happen to appear in a group photo, it hits me that: Oh, I was here...and I did somethings there. I...exist. It's a small memory shaker for me. I don't know why I feel or think this way. I just do.

I don't mind taking photos for others, but for me, self-portraits in photography is why I even do "photography".

I forget my surroundings in real life...the details that is, even when I look into the mirror. When photos are taken whether at the park, building, etc, the background of the image that I'm in helps me see more clearly that I was there. I don't think what I just wrote is weird. I'm sure everyone occasionally feels like this right? But whenever I do take photos, this is what I think when I see myself in it.

I can't say I'm "Passionate" about photography. I do enjoy it though for hobby purposes.

I do, however, have passion for music! Music is personal to me and I don't express it publicly like I do with photography. I'm in a whole new world when I play music. My heart is drivin elsewhere and I feel at peace as if music is really my best friend who can actually touch my heart unlike anything else. Seriously...being able to play instruments is a blessing. You feel something that many don't feel just by listening to music. When I play the music, my heart literary sails with the music.

So right now, I want to go for Music Composition as my major in college. I'm just going to go with how I feel about the things I'm decent at and see where that takes me. Now you know! :D

But yeah, that's why I like photography/self-portraits.


Melody said…
oh wow that is a very interesting philosophical thing! I like this post very much (:
I also like self-portraits, and of course I don't think it's something bad if you take a lot of them. In my opinion you get to know your appearance better and as you already mentioned it can help you remember you were there and there and did that and that. Keeping good memories with photography is something I enjoy very much ^-^
Chuy Yang said…
thanks meloday. :)
Rebekah said…
I use to have the same kind of thing :/ for me now it's more about seeing what other people see, what I putting out...so I can make it closer to what I want it to be. I'm always staring into car and shop windows when I'm out, but it's not because of vanity! I want to see what others do.
zipperowl said…
it's like you're talking for me! I'm exactly the same. Since I barely see myself "outside my body" I love to take photographs of myself. Then I feel somewhat more existing. I love when people do self portraits in a artisty way.

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