School Talent Show

Yesterday some of the orchestra students in my school and I joined together to take part in the talent show.

I'm not going to lie, it was a hell of a hard thing to do. lol You'd think it's easy, but when you're dealing with a bunch of Seniors that's still in high school, oh man. haha. We started off when a Cello player decided to do Pirates of the Caribbean song together for the talent show. We practiced a couple times a week to prepare of course. Then one day, I didn't show up because of a family matter, in the morning, and apparently many people that volunteered to be in the show didn't show up either. I came the next morning to find that everyone decided to quit because of that ONE DAY. In my head I was sooo upset. Why did they make such a big hassle over ONE DAY. We still had 3 more weeks until the show. But I heard the cello player was very frustrated with everyone in the first place and that it made her cry even. I understand though because those people are pretty mean and rude. Even so, I wanted to be in the talent show and I didn't even audition for a solo because I thought the group would be cooler and that everyone wouldn't be the way they...were.

After a week of thinking about if I wanted to deal with it or not, I decided that we were doing it. My friend was still willing to do it to so we got the group together again, of course, they volunteered themselves. Not forced to whatsoever. Gosh, the first week was a disappointment and depressing every morning. Always so negative, always being selfish, and taking everything soo damn personal. Even a group discussion they called it "drama" when it's just trying to get everyone to agree on one thing. Drama is the whining and complaining when there is nothing to complain about but grow up and work things out, come on..

I was really upset because I was the one to deal with all the crap from the teachers running the show because my group was so damn selfish. There were other people besides us that was presenting a talent but they wanted everything for themselves, really? They were picky and always changing shit and arrangements telling me to tell the teachers this and that to do this and that. I came to every practice and that whole week I did NOT sleep at ALL. I took my ass to every teacher to give them crap and they give me crap back while all the group had to do was show up, play, stfu, and discuss ideas. And when I try to take charge before everyone splits up for no reason or quit because they're "stressed", they feel things don't go their way or this or that. Really? Talk about growing up. Everything isn't going to always go YOUR WAY.

I was holding my breath because I know in the end it will be a good feeling for everyone. I know they would have fun and we never played for the students in my school and I thought it would be cool that the students saw what we were capable of, since majority of the group were Seniors too.

On the night of the talent show for the family and friends, we had such a great connection and everyone had a great time! We had another show at school the next afternoon during school though...and you guessed it! They decided to change stuff again, last minute. What can I say when everyone is just throwing stuff at me. I could only do so much for these kids. We could EASILY quit, ME, I..could definitely quit, but because I'm willing to be the bigger person for everyone else and not be a quitter, No. It's good for all of us, definitely not just me. A couple of the players feel they "have" to be in it because without them, everyone else would fail. That's such a sad thing to think about and rude. I told everyone that they didn't have to be in it and that we'll do what we could to get through it, it's only a school talent show and we just do what we have and can. They stayed still, so GREAT!, but geez, I wished at least they stopped complaining.

The talent show overall went well and I was very proud that everyone was able to pull it off despite all the crazy stuff. I'm so glad it's my last year. I didn't know people could be so upset over nothing, literally, when it's supposed to be fun.

What's also frustrating was dealing with the talent show host dude. He did everything last minute and kept changing and adding stuff I couldn't keep anything organized for my people. Goodness. Everyone was insane in this show. I hated the process, but I am very happy about the outcome. Hanging in there and just pulling through everything and everyone.

My dad and two brothers came to see it. My mom is still pregnant so she couldn't come. But my dad recorded it. This was, for some, our first time playing without having a conductor. We also had strange seating arrangements and were missing two people, another cello player and bass player. But it's cool. Everyone still did well!

See if you can find me!'s too obviously lol since my dad keep zooming me in and out of the cam XD

SOOOO, was one heck of an experience. I feel it made me stronger as a person though to be able to deal with people like this everyday for 2 weeks without crying or breaking "character". It's not worth crying over a silly show.


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