So I'm going to Prom...

I've been debating for a year if I'm going to prom or not. It's like wth, why not right? SHUCKS though this year, my bf can't go because he's 21. Ya ya he should sneak in, but I'm just uncomfortable with that just seems like trouble to me and idk...I'm not the type to break rules. YA, I'm no rebel :/ I don't want him to get into big trouble either especially since he's that age. I KNEW I SHOULD'VE WENT LAST YEAR LOL Serious! I begged the administrators to let him go but I get that if they let him, then it won't be fair for others ugh. I fudgen hate it. So...that's why senior year the whole time I was like "ehh..I'll think about it.." it just seemed boring without my hun going with me and none of my girls were going either because they too didn't have someone to match with.

My friend Linna is going with her bf this year and she wanted me to go, but I didn't wanna go alone. So yesterday, my guy friend, Brian,I found didn't want to go either because he lacked someone too. I had another friend I was thinking about too, Villavanh, but this is where the miracle happened! It hit me that if I went with my first friend Brian, then my other girl friend Phone, who is a foreign exchange student from thailand, could go with Villivahn whom she knows!!!! We're trying to find someone for our other friend Stephanie so that we all can have an even number of people going haha!

The fun part so far is looking for a dress. I'm doing more online searches because I don't want to get a dress in local areas...Last year there were a few people who had the same dress...and that would suck lol

I already have a dress I'm eyeing on, I just need to save up and get it! It's not one of those typical poofy princess dresses from Disney World, but it's more..I guess fitted? Lol it's really pretty.

So I'm actually more excited now that we're developing a group!!! OMgggg hahaha

Yep, I'm still only a senior in HS, dread it, but I might as well enjoy something there. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY


Melody said…
ohh I hope that you can form that group and everything works like you planned! :))
Linna Nguyen said…
hehehehehehehehehe <3

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