Whitney Houston

Okay..so on facebook, these images of Whitney Houston's death being compared to others is just too much and I'm tired of it. Seriously. It's not her fault that she died and society decided to make a big fuss over it. Seriously I saw a photo that said "Whitney who?" "Who cares about Whitney" blah blah. That's just rude. Anyone who dies whether famous or not shouldn't have to be stepped on. Yes, there are millions of people that die everyday! But it's your own fault you don't know those millions of people's name anyway so quit bashing on Whitney. Let her rest in peace!!

I do feel for children that die, and I respect all the soldiers who died for my country, and I do not know all their names of course, but that doesn't mean I don't care for them, or that their death isn't 'significant' enough. It has nothing to do with Whitney. She's a singer. She's well known because she sung songs that touched people and of course if it touched people the ones who are touched by her singing will be sad. But it's not like she is the ONLY person that they mourn for. People exaggerate things too much.


Lai Yen Yi said…
Yes I agree with you!
Just let Whitney rest in peace.
Thanks for your comment on my blog, I appreciate that!

Have a nice day!

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