Alice Nine Love (Japanese Rock)

This post is going to make me sound like a creep and weirdo. Especially my followers...probably going to be like...wth..who is this creep? *leaves* ;-; Now, don't leave meee D;

I just want to express this love I have for this amazing band: ALICE NINE.

Gawd, I loved them! Since Middle school years they're music inspired me and gave me some reason for the time being. It was nice =') No other band makes me feel this way @_@ I never got tired of them for some reason.

I really especially LOVE their fashion taste. It's I had the money, I'd buy their wardrobe or better, go shopping with them *_* That would be a dream come true for.

Oh but they're soo beautiful and angelic <3
Photo of their new album "9" which I really want desperately.

And I love this song. My favorite. <3

They're the reason why I'm going to Japan. I'm going to haunt them down with love :D

They inspired me enough that when I was in middle school, I attempted to dress like them. Now, looking back at these old photos, I think they're cute and dorky hahahahha! I can't help but smile at myself lol I looked nothing close to them nor 'visual kei' but back then when I didn't have much, i thought was cool :]]

I think some photos I looked more "emo" but ehhhhhhhhh. no.

And here was my Reita attempt lol XD

And here I am being "NYAPPY!"

To be honest, AN CAFE was my first J-Rock band I was really attached to and loved! But ever since Bou left everything was just really weird. Even now how Miku is just going back and fourth in bands An Cafe is just definitely not the same as it used made me so sad when i watched the last concert. I literary used up an entire box of tissue paper lol I know..I wasn't kidding when I said "weirdo" way in the first paragraph. But yeah, then Alice Nine came along ='] <3

Ahh, the old days. I like going back to SOME of them because they had light hearted times. So..yeah I love Alice nine ^^


sofi said…
heh cute
I still listen to jrock/visual kei bands but I also changed my look into normal so I'm not visual kei anymore

do you still listen to jrock?

have a nice day
Chuy Yang said…
Hi! :D I know..I'm dressed "normal" now too lol I still love their outfits though and wouldn't mind doing it from time to time :3

And I don't listen as often as I used to..been busy and can't keep up with all the bands so I just listen to my favorites =) Thanks for reading <3
YUYU said…
i love jrock!! I love alice nine's senkou single.
Sigh I wish I could go to Japan for the Gazette.. my fav band.. since they would never come to Canada ;__;
But yea, same here too, couldnt keep up with all the bands :(
Vk was actually why I wore makeup in the first place eh cuz I wanted to be like them.. xD

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