GEO Angel Brown VS EOS Candy Magic King Size Brown Circle Lens

I ranted a bit in my new review video about the GEO Angel Brown and how it looks similar to the EOS Candy Magic Brown lenses.

Here is the video of the review for the EOS Candy Magic Barbie King Size Circle Brown Lenses:

I actually did a full rant about my experience with the GEO Angel Brown ones in the video, but it was too long and the focus was supposed to be the review of the EOS Candy magic, (I get off track easily) so I just cut that part out and decided to just blog about it lol

But like I said in the video, the Geo Angel Brown lenses are super similar to the EOS ones...observe in this photo I quickly put together:

REALLY SIMILAR YES? I think so lol However I think the EOS one have a slightly darker and thicker ring than the GEO making the eyes look darker. Because the GEO had less darkness, and it's size is actually 14.0MM, I would prefer the GEO lenses over the EOS just because it looks more natural and wearable for everyday. EOS isn't that bad either


The GEO ones can be a killer to the eyes! D; The last time I wore them, I could barely leave ONE lens on for no longer than 2 seconds before it start BURNING my eyes like crazy. I tried to leave it in for a couple seconds hoping it might go away, but it didn't. Instead it burned so bad I had to quickly take it out. Right after that, my whole eye turned red...NOT GOOD OBVIOUSLY if ALL that happened under 10 seconds.

My friend had the Angel Brown ones too and it did the same to her. Her eyes turned red too and she experienced the burning in the eye she got the EOS ones because it looked like the GEO ones...

Well, here is a photo of me wearing the GEO ones when they were actually wearable:

They looked pretty.

So there is the story of my GEO Angel Brown lenses :D

You can get the EOS ones at:

Thanks for reading ! :)


Anonymous said…
Pretty :)
kirstie.daisuki said…
I had the same experience with GEO Angel Brown lenses! Ouch!!!

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