High school & College thus far

Yesterday I took my placement test for college, no biggy. But when I came back to school today, people were telling me how I was involved in a fight yesterday when I wasn't even at school o_o The funny thing is, everyone knows I'm cool with everyone and I wouldn't even get myself in a situation that even involves an argument, especially at silly high school. It must've been some miscommunication, however I thought it was pretty cool :D I mean, I actually experienced rumor in high school for once lmfao! Yeah, random story.

BUT, as the title states, I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR COLLEGEE BBY. When I went there for my placement test, I didn't want to leave D; Coming back to my hs to finish class, it seemed soo small.

I have to admit, senior year has been great (minus the super ultra slacking, sleeping in class, talking too much, and leaving class to go to the 'bathroom'). It's suddenly hitting me pretty hard but thank goodness I've realized it to get all my junk done for the final quarter.

I feel I've grown closer to my teachers this year. I remember my first couple years I was quite and yeah. But this year I'm just all over the place (in a good way) and it's fun :) I also got the opportunity to really know some people that I never really knew and I'm glad to know them. I can't wait to finish high school, still lol I already have my graduation gown and I got the GOLD outfit because apparently, my GPA was Asian status and wasn't as terrible as I thought! I would've been really sad if I got the Maroon color (which is the regular one everyone gets if they're graduating) and my mommy would've butt kicked me with her 'no shadow kick'. I still need to get the yearbook for sure. I never got one, but this year, it matters to me.

GEEEZ, Senior year and Freshman year in college is fucken EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

So much is going on senior year that involves cha-ching and you know college, with their fees and crap. So yeah, I'm going to prom and that's money too =_= All at once this year, money is going to fly out the window.

So that's where I'm pretty much at for high school and college. I'm soooo ready for summer, kind of actually...I still need summer clothing or else I'm going outside in thick clothes, yikes. BUT YEAHHHH, I can't wait! This year have been good to me. I'm very grateful and can't wait for more this year. ♥ I hope everyone is doing just as well :D


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