I'm falling in love...

Falling..and falling in love...with my PHONE! :D

Okay, so the phone my bf got me is the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 I think...and as you can see from a before photo I found online..its very plain! My favorite color is red, my bf obviously knows that :D (A+ for him lol jk)

I never got to decorating my other phones...but this one, I thought, needed a makeover!

And here is what I did to it! :D

Here are some close ups :3

And I actually added this..the string was from a 3-d heart puzzle my bf bought me to figure out for christmas (it's his heart) but his heart was toooo complicated to figure out that even he couldn't solve it LOL. But yeah, I used the string and the heart was from a necklace he bought for me. I decided to attach it to my phone so that I have his heart around with me :P The pink drop thingy was actually an earring that I never really wore so I just added it.

This is how the front looks like:

Not much..I'm debating if I want to add more bling near the bottom where the red is...but it's curved so it might be easy for the decorations to fall off..I might I might...

Pretty much I used all the junk I had laying around in my room lol Most of it is from old necklaces that were cheap so I broke them to pieces. Then there were earrings that I didn't wear like the roses I used and pearls. They were soooo fucken hard to remove from the needle? idk what it's called haha. But yeah, the little gems were used from my rhinestone wheel.

Overall I'm really proud how my phone looks :D I want to use it more and call people just so that the back is shown LOLLL.

I showed my mom and she was like "Er that's too much stuff it's not cute anymore" MANNN whatever haha. After all this hard work I had better LOVE it lol!

It took me probably about 6 hours total? Throughout the week though of course. It was totally worth it!!!


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