Julep Mavin

Who would've thought that you could buy something for A FUCKEN PENNY THAT YOU CAN EASILY FIND OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE?! *___________________*

Well, at first I thought this Julep Mavin thing was some scam but after searching on youtube and google, I decided to try it for myself. My bf actually got it for me since I can't order stuff online at the moment. So, technically, I can say he got me a gift, for a penny, lol! I'm happy, he's happy!

Guys, it's legit. GO GET ONE! lol! The package came SUPER fast too. Like in only two days...maybe cause I live in the US. But I was really impressed with what that penny was doing for me!

Check out how nice the package was..

So when you go to their website, you take some test for them to determine what to put in your package. I got the American Beauty Box:

The nail polish are nude in color. Pretty pretty.

And it also came with a hand "facial" scrub? XD Facial scrub...but for hands.

Pretttyy interesting.

Overall, for a penny...that was a pretty awesome experience lol
As for the nail polishes, I think they're okay. As you can kind of see the photo, there are some bubbles...I actually used the nude color, then the sheer grayish shimmery color on top of the nude color. It looks nice, but it's not as good as OPI or China Glaze.

HOWEVER, FOR A PENNY...why not? lol


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