One of the best nights of senior year :D

Oh boy! This was actually last week, but two of my friends, Matt and Graham, made a deal that when the weather reaches 60 degrees, they're going to buzz their head. They also needed this hair cut anyway since one is going to the Navy and the other to the Air Force. I could NOT miss out on this. They've been growing out their hair both almost reaching their shoulder! It was definitely going to be fun watching this, especially since it's THEM TWO DORKS. They're so funny and dorky. I don't know what senior year would've been like without them.

Here are some photos that will pretty much explain that night:

This was Graham and Matt when they HAD beautiful hair:

Here is the process:

And results! OMG

The hair cut honestly took FOREVER because they kept moving around and being scared lol

And right after they got the cut and we went outside, they started running around because it felt 'cool'. haha. And because my friend uploaded the videos, I'll post them as well because it's ridiculously funny. If you're bored enough, entertain yourself:

(Oh and if you just want to find me because you're a stalker (lol) I'm in part 3, the one with the zebra pj's)

This is something I'll remember from high school for sure. :D


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