Water Element Tutorial and NYX COSMETICS FACE AWARD!

Yes yes, it's been a while since my last element tutorial...in fact, it's always a while lol But I finally found the time to do it and film a tutorial. It's been quite hard to even do a video lately because so much is going on this hectic month!
Anyways, photos!

And here is the tutorial:


I was debating about entering/giving a try for this contest. But I was like, whyyyy notttttttttt? I didn't really have a reason to not do it so yeaaah! I love makeup and people's faces. Good combo right? I will need a ton of 'likes' for my video for starters, and that kind of got me because I thought what if other people have more subscribers? My chances are pretty much lowered by a lot if they have more supporters. BUT, I have faith in my humans! And animals! (Since people have accounts for their pets, I figured I should include them too)

I feel I don't really ask much from anyone, and for this one time even, I feel like I'm asking for TOO much already and even probably going to have to spam LOL. Sooo not me and out of my comfort zone. But it's a contest, it's what contestants gotta do lol

The contacts that I am wearing are the EOS Bubble gray circle lenses btw. One of my FAVVV at the moment!


So yeah, please spread the word and have your friends and family like the video =D You obviously can't vote everyday because youtube kind of made it where you can only like a video once...so sharing the video would help me a bunch. Thanks so much! <3


Fenny Yolanda said…
lovely blog ^^
And also really like ur youtube channel...
Such a great makeup dear <3

Sharlynn said…
This is so awesome. You are truly talented! Inspiration stuff you've created! :)

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