Working on a better heart...

I'm someone who thinks all the time. And one of the things I think about, is how to make myself a better person. I constantly want to improve myself as a person and be nicer, understanding, not envious for the wrong reasons, etc. I know the things that people do or say that hurt me, and understanding that is more than enough to understand that those things will hurt others if I do that to them...treat others they way you want to be treated right? Something we all learned in Kindergarten.

I'm no where close to perfect...but everyday I try to watch my words, not say things that others may see differently especially if I know their sucks sometimes when your efforts are thrown away and people take advantage of your kindness to get to you, however, I really believe that a kind and forgiving heart can win and soften any heart. I want to get to the point where forgiving will come easier and grudges aren't held.

I like being helpful and giving is something that can be bad for me because I can give too much sometimes because I always feel bad for people! (at least, that's what my mom says) I feel I always have more than what I need, so whenever friends come over, or I come over I always bring something and give it to them. lol

But..I just want to remind myself to keep going at it. Loving others makes me love myself's a win-win situation ♥


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