Got my NYX stuff! Yay!

Some of you might know this since you graciously voted for me, but some don't. I entered for the NYX Cosmetics Face Award and unfortunately I didn't make it, however, NYX was so so generous and gave me a $50 pretty much gift card to spend on their website! I don't know about the other folks, I'm sure they got it as well! I was really moved by their generosity!

I finally got my package today and these are the things I got:

List of products:

Matte Lipstick - Nude and Pale Pink
Black Label Lipstick - Bling
Mosaic Powder - Spice
Sheer Gloss - Clear
Eyeshadow Base - Skin Tone
Jumbo Pencil - Cottage Cheese
Doll Eye Mascara - Long Lash

If you don't know about them yet, THEY ARE WORTH CHECKING OUT.

All three of the lipsticks are amazing in pigmentation!! Loveee em and their very soft on my lips ♥

The Doll Eye Mascara is actually my second purchase. I loveee what it does to my lower lashes. I have a review HERE if you are interested.

A big thank you to NYX and good luck to all the contestants that's still in the contest!!!



Catamiaou said…
I wish I could order NYX products, but they don't deliver in France x__x too bad. Enjoy your new stuffs ;)
Emi ♥ said…
Really cool post. Never used NYX products before, and I don't think I've ever seen it in any UK store. The items all look high in quality and I'd love to try some in the future.

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