I've been feeling great and happy...like those people that just seems to be so innocent because of such pure happiness! And you'd wonder why they're so happy and if they even think about how horrible and dreadful the world really is..lol But this feeling feels good :) I'm still cautious of everything around me and observant like I always am, but I've been setting those things aside and putting happy thoughts before me.

I'm not mad at anyone, not holding too many grudges (lol), and been more cheerful. It feels healthy..no it is healthy. My mind is clearer about what I need to accomplish next and things are getting done because of it :D So yay for being HAPPY! (I was going to type down Nyappy >_>) sigh but yeah! lol


Just some pics from my spring look :3 No edits...lazy n_n

Plus tutorial :D

I'm going to try to sleep tonight..still haven't mastered the art of sleeping yet -.- I'm determined to sleep well! hahah Good night everyone ~ :)


Sharlynn said…
I think the look is just sooo fun and happy! Artistic too! :) love it!

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